About Metop

Leading the way with optimized can control

We are a world-leading manufacturer of quality control and testing equipment for the canning and metal packaging industry. We focus on double seam and score residual inspection systems.

After decades of experience in the field, we can confidently say that we have created a product range of the highest quality and accuracy to fill any customers’ needs.

We make all our systems in Malmö, Sweden, and know where all the parts to build our systems come from. Everything from the smallest screw to the largest computer screen can be traced back to a trustworthy source.

We put pride in direct contact. You will always have quick access to the right person here at Metop.

Leak Proof

Everything from manual tear-down to our automated, Non-destructive X-ray

Making sure your can is secure and leakproof is vital to the quality of your product. By testing the quality of your can, you not only ensure that your customers won’t end up with a flat beer or old food, but you also cut down on unnecessary costs and increase efficiency.

Check your aluminum or tin cans with our inspection systems. Depending on the size of your production you can be sure to find a manual gauge or Double seam system to suit your needs.

Score residual microscopes

Everything from manually operated to fully automatic score microscopes

When we developed our first score residual microscope at the beginning of the eighties we never could have expected the impact it would make on the industry.

Secure your openings on all type of aluminuium ends with one of our world class microscopes.

With METOP’s quality control systems, you will always stay ahead of quality in the canning industry.


We use stable, sustainable and reliable technology to create the best solutions for our customers. Our newest addition to the product range combines the best technology with automation and accuracy to make your work easier for you.

Learn more about our Non-destructive double seam inspection system and  how it is the right choice for your company down below.