Double Seam System 200F

Measuring with Vision

Double Seam System 200F is designed for customers who want to take advantage of METOP’s high-quality measuring system, including the well-known Winseam software, but who don’t require the highest capacity.

Externally: can height, countersink depth, seam height, seam thickness.
Internally: end hook, body hook, overlap, seam gap, calculated body hook butting.

Key Features

  • UPS, battery-backed power conditioner included (230v)
  • Laser printer included (230v)
  • Toolbox with all necessary tools
  • Industrial solid 15” screen for monitoring
  • 3-year warranty
  • High Swedish quality

METOPs hand-built computer provides you with the industry’s best software, Winseam 5.0. It is easy to handle, easy to learn, and will always stay accurate. This is not the only feature our system has got but only a part of it. All products are finally tested in our factory and our ”Plug and Play” function makes the system up and running in minutes.

The System 200F consists of several different parts providing you with great quality control. Our Vision Seam Computer of 3rd edition (VSC-3) gives vision control for internal measurements. Also included is the METOP Seam Saw (MSS-2F). A high-speed saw with solid carbide saw blades inside a stainless steel container with the highest safety measures possible. A manual seam cutter (MSC-F) is also part of the system as a simple tool for cutting the cover hook as well as our manual Seam Thickness gauge (STH) and the combi gauge (MCG) measuring seam height, can height, and countersink depth.