Double Seam System GT

Measuring with Vision

The GT system is a portable computer system where all data is stored in a database. It is designed for the CTS or service engineers who want to take advantage of METOP’s high quality measuring systems, including the well-known Winseam software.

The System makes double seam evaluations both externally and internally.

Externally: can height, countersink depth, seam height, seam thickness.
Internally: end hook, body hook, overlap, seam gap, calculated body hook butting.

System Includes:

  • 3rd edition robust Video seam unit, automatically measuring the internal parameters of the seam.
  • Winseam software
  • The three-in-one Metop Combi gauge together with the Seam Thickness gauge measuring all external measurements.
  • Metop Seam Cutter, MSC-3 to evaluate wrinkles
  • Seam saw for different can sizes
  • Laptop to connect the VSU and gauges
  • Light-weight service case to transport the system