Score Residual System SMM-8200 Auto Focus

Autofocus provides more accurate readings

With the microscope you can measure any thickness of the end, as well as the score residual, antimissile and other parameters. It can also be used for any plate thickness measurements.

Vision System
All you data in one place.
Industry leading software.
Splash prof
Foot pedal
For faster input
Plug & Play
Our ”Plug and Play” function gets the system up and running in minutes.
3-year warranty
Swedish quality


The system consists of several different tools, providing you with the optimal products for quality assurance. 

For detailed information, download our specifications below.

Metop microscope SMM-8.2 is equipped with an automatic motorized focusing unit which differentiates it from our smaller systems. The motorized autofocus provides even more accurate readings, is operator-independent and ergonomic. The Metop system 8200 is quick to work with. It is possible to measure 4-5 points of an end in less than 30 sec, with measuring repeatability within 0.001 mm (.00004”). To secure your score measuring in case of any computer-related breakdowns the system 8200 includes the functions of manual measuring.

All Metop systems are designed by the highest standard and hand-built in Sweden. To assure your quality – we even build our own computers, based on the industrial motherboard and solid-State discs and memory cards.


When we developed Topscore, we had user-friendliness and accuracy in focus. Topscore includes different user levels, which makes it easy to learn for an inexperienced user and prevents the user from making any errors. If the system has not been calibrated it is not possible to carry on with the production test, you are forced to calibrate the system minimum every eight hours.

Graphic User Interface

All mandatory fields have to be filled in to proceed with the measuring process before the next available option lights up. In this way, we eliminate the possibility to make the wrong choice.

All the necessary data are being presented on the screen in a way that is easy to interpret. The new stand-alone feature makes you able to measure any thickness by finding the surfaces with the Metop autofocus algorithm. All inputs can be done by the touch screen.


For detailed information, download specifications here.



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