Front End Back End Desk

Seperate or combined as one

The Front end-Back end gauge is a computerized system for quality control of front and back end. The reliable technique combined with the finest workmanship has resulted in an excellent instrument for quick and accurate quality control.

All essential items for the front end, such as dome depth, plate thickness body wall, trimmed can height; and for the back end, such as flange width, plug diameter, factory finished can height are all fast and accurately measured with the Wincan Desk to ensure the quality in the can production. The operator just has to place the cans in the fixtures, press a foot pedal and all measuring values will be displayed in a report on the computer screen. The system has several options and can be customized to fulfill all our customers’ needs.


Key features

  • Modular built
  • High resolution 12″ TFT Touch Screen
  • Super-compact moisture-protected 86-keys QWERTY keyboard
  • The Metop Wincan software
  • High Swedish quality