The Double Seam Tear-down Kit

The MFM is designed for the small fillers who don’t require the high capacity of our bigger systems and desire an easy to handle system at a very attractive price. The system uses the Teardown Method to evaluate the seam which is a measurement requiring cutting & tearing down of the Double seam.

This system enables manual seam evaluations both externally and internally.

Measuring parameters externally are: seam height, seam thickness. Measuring parameters internally are: end hook, body hook. Calculated parameters: actual overlap, body hook butting.

System Includes:

  • Metop Micrometer to measure seam height, end
  • hook and body hook.
  • Seam thickness gauge.
  • Metop Seam Cutter to evaluate wrinkles.
  • Nipper to remove end hook.
  • Attractive robust bag to fit and store the system as well as bring it on the go.
  • Metops ultimate can guide to help understand the seam and detect faults and defects.
  • All neccessary tools.