Our Story

It all started in Sweden’s oldest packaging plant, Plåt Manufaktur AB, PLM. With the knowledge of bottles, food and beverage can and lid production PLM needed to control the parameters of aluminum, steel cans, lids and ends. They needed quality assurance of their products. This was the birth of Metop. It started out as an equipment development department in order to quickly and accurately accomplish quality control. Even when Metop was still part of PLM, the production always stayed ahead and they managed to develop the revolutionary computerized double seam control station.

Three young engineers that wanted to change the way of metrology of cans took matters into their own hands, made Metop, developed a new way of thinking in the can industry and started a new era.


We work hard to find the best methods to both old and new products. Our team constantly works in the production with all different systems and products.

METOP fills a big part of the quality control equipment in the industry and focuses mainly on the food industry, the beverage industry and the end/can production. We control the whole chain from A to Z, and we proudly produce most of it ourselves.

Even the smallest parts of our systems are in our control. From the raw material through all milling cycles and to the final finished product. This way we can ensure that all our products are made in highest quality and utmost attention to detail.

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