METOP introduces its X-Ray measuring Double Seam Inspection System 700X series, with production failure detection and quality software NovaX.


Designed for large scale fillers.

All inspection data is stored in a database. The system inspects all internal seam measurements, all external measurements, seam thickness, and examen can wrinkles.

60, 80 & 100B

Full Double Seam Inspection inspection in a few simple steps.

Designed for fillers that don’t require the highest capacity.
All inspection data is stored in a database. The system inspects all internal and external measurements.
A Double Seam Inspection System for professional use.


The Double Seam Tear-down Kit – MFM

My first Metop

Our system designed for the small fillers, that wants to make a double seam analyses quick easy and accurate, at a very attractive price. And who don’t require the high capacity of our bigger systems and desire an easy to handle system The system uses the Teardown Method to evaluate the seam which is a measurement requiring cutting & tearing down of the Double seam.


Metop Double Seam System 200F double seam quality inspection system full demo.

Shows the included gauges and software in our seam system. This is the food version but the 200B beverage system is very similar. Seam saw has a different design and plate thickness gauge is not included.


SARC – Semi Automatic Rotating double Seam Cutter to strip the double seam to check for Wrinkles (sometimes called Tightness).

Fits ends 200, 202, 206 or any custom size you need.
Robust design, fast to cut and very easy to use.
Cutterhead can be exchanged within 30 sec.


This video show how a residual score test is done on our SMM Auto Focus score residual gauge SMM-8AF.

This gauge has 100% automatic focus software so it is totally operator independent.



This video show how easy it is to calibrate a Metop SMM-8 Auto Focus residual score gauge.


This system is a manually operated gauge so the focus is done manually by the operator.

Check out our SMM-8AF for operator independent automatic focus score residual measurement that gives higher accuracy.

All type of beverage and food EOE ends can be tested.



This video show how a calibration is done on our SMM score residual gauge SMM-7, 7100.

Seam Saw Beverage

It comes in three sizes: Standard, Sleek & Slim.

Seam Saw Food

Double Seam Saw MSS-2 Food cutting Ø315mm big sized can.

Seam Thickness gauge

for beverage cans

Make a manual 360° seam thickness inspection or spot test. Very light and compact but also robust design. Like all Metop gauges this unit also comes with a calibration gauge block. Available for all can type and sizes. Round, square, Dingle or pear shaped.