Metop introduces its X-Ray measuring Double Seam Inspection System 730X with production failure detection and quality software.

Tailored for you in the large-scale Beverage industry.
Early adopters are already installing there 730X today, around the world.

Non-destructive, X-ray

730X is a non-destructive, X-ray, Double Seam Inspection System for all aluminum beverage can sizes that eliminates all human errors. Next to no operational costs, that delivers detailed predictions to your production management, telling when your production line will need maintenance.


With its robotics, hi-end X-Ray and advanced software, you will no longer spend time on manual quality measurements, but plan ahead, knowing you deliver high-quality products to your customers every day.


730X has a pick and place robotic arm, removing all manual work, ensuring high and consistent quality. It allows for different test batches to be runed a the same time. The X-ray software NovaX is designed along with 730X for precision quality.

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