End and Can Makers

With decades of experience, METOP has learned one or two things about the end and can industry and we are sure we can fulfill all your demands.

We offer a wide range of quality control products for measuring the end score, compound, external measurements at the front end, or backend and inspection for seamed ends.

Measuring the end score or plate thickness, the METOP Score Residual Measuring Microscope has been used as a standard instrument in production control all over the globe for decades. It has won the confidence of can makers from several corners of the world and proved to have great advantages in comparison to other methods.

Depending on how big your production is, different systems are to be preferred by different customers. Measurements are just as accurate regardless of which products you choose.

Apart from our microscopes, we can also provide our customers with the Video Compound Monitor, VCM for digital monitoring of the end quality.


We joined forces together with Versatile Technologies to build the world´s best non-contact optical automatic score residual gauge

Score Residual System 8200

Our microscope SMM-8.2 is equipped with an improved automatic motorized focusing unit which differentiates it from our smaller systems. The motorized autofocus provides even more accurate readings, is operator-independent and ergonomic.

Score Residual System 7100

The System 7100 consists of our easy-to-use microscope SMM-7 provided with a vision camera, connected to a LED video screen that reads the measurements.

Score Residual System 7000

Our smallest microscope to measure the score on your end. The system provides you with an easy-to-use one unit system.

Front End Back End

The Front end-Back end gauge is a computerized system for quality control of front and back end. The reliable technique combined with the finest workmanship has resulted in an excellent instrument for quick and accurate quality control.

Double Seam System 500F

A computer system for large production, where all data is stored in a database.  Inspection of all internal seam measurements, all external measurements, and a can opener for the examination of wrinkles.

Double Seam System 200F

Seam System 200 is designed for customers who want to take advantage of METOP’s high-quality measuring system, including the well-known Winseam software, but who don’t require the highest capacity.

Seam system GT

Our portable can control system for the service engineers on the move. All necessary parts for seam evaluation included.

Manual gauges

Apart from our complete systems we also offer a range of manual gauges that can be bought separately or combined into a customised system to fit your needs.


New and improved version coming soon.
Contact our sales team at sales@metop.se for more information