Can Openers

Separating the end hook from the seam

To evaluate the the quality of the end hook it needs to be removed from the seam. This can be done with one of our two can openers, the MSC and the SARC

MSC – Manual Seam Cutter

The MSC-3 is a manual tool that separates the cover hook from the seam to provide tightness control and evaluation. Its light weight and small dimension makes it very convenient to use. The cutter is made of hygiene stainless steel.

SARC – Semi Automatic Roatating Cutter

The METOP Seam Cutter, SARC-model 3 has two cutting wheels, to make two cuts simultaneously on the top of the seam and at the same time tear down the cover hook.

Key features

  • Easy height setting for different can heights
  • Quick diameter change for different can sizes
  • Extremely solid built
  • Small footprint on the table
  • Standing can- eliminating leakage of liquids
  • 3-year warranty
  • High Swedish quality


It will take less than five seconds to get the cover hook in your hand, after having placed the can on the can holder. SARC is developed for maximum safety and reliable function for many years to come. It has no rotating head and the SARC will only operate as long as you press the Foot Switch.