Double Seam System 500B

Measuring with Vision

A computer system for large production, where all data is stored in a database. Inspection of all internal seam measurements, all external measurements seam thickness, and a can opener for examination of wrinkles.

Key features

  • All measurements available in one single system
  • UPS, battery-backed power conditioner included (230v)
  • Laser printer included (230v)
  • Toolbox with all necessary tools
  • Industrial solid 15” screen for monitoring
  • 3-year warranty
  • High Swedish quality


Now also including the SARC – Semi-automatic Rotating cutter, for even faster seam cutting.


All four measurements in less than a second

The Double Seam System 500B is both fast and accurate. With the Minidesk-2 as part of the system you get the advantage of measuring can height, seam height, countersink depth, and seam thickness, all in one single operation. This makes it fast and also means that all parameters will be measured at the same time.
All products are finally tested in our factory and our ”Plug and Play” function makes the system up and running in minutes

The system consists of several different double seam tools, providing you with the optimal products for quality assurance. Our Vision Seam Computer of 3rd edition (VSC-3) gives vision control for internal measurements whereas the Minidesk-2 takes all external measurements. Also included is the METOP Seam Saw (MSS-2B). A high-speed saw with solid carbide saw blades inside a stainless hood with the highest safety measures possible.  A plate thickness gauge (PTH) and a manual seam cutter (MSC-B) is also part of the system as a simple tool for cutting the cover hook.


Semi-automatic Roatating Cutter

The METOP Seam Cutter, SARC-model 3 has two cutting wheels, to make two cuts simultaneously on the top of the seam and at the same time tear down the cover hook.

Key features

  • Easy height setting for different can heights
  • Quick diameter change for different can sizes
  • Extremely solid built
  • Small footprint on the table
  • Standing can- eliminating leakage of liquids
  • 3 year warranty
  • High Swedish quality

It will take less than five seconds to get the cover hook in your hand, after having placed the can on the can holder. SARC is developed for maximum safety and reliable function for many years to come. It has no rotating head and the SARC will only operate as long as you press the Foot Switch.